Electrical Knockout Punch and Die Sets

28XX™ Style Tooling (Also available in 36TC™ and 44TC™ Style Tooling)

Easily create single and double electrical knockouts.

Single and double electrical knockout punch and die sets can be used on precision gaging presses, manually operated duplicators or numericaly controlled presses. Knockout punches and dies are installed in an inverted order with the die fitting into the punch adapter and the punch in the die adapter. This allows the offset to be in the up position which eliminates interferences when repositioning the piece part.

These sets feature:

An inner inverted die in the double knockout die is relieved to permit punching over a smaller single knockout to obtain triple or quadruple knockout shapes.

Proper pressure can be exerted with the pressure switch cycle control of the hydraulic press.

Maximum material capacity: 14 gage mild steel (12 and 10 gage are available on request)

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